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About Avisor India

Avisor India was established in New Delhi in 2003 and is one of the few European transformer manufacturers now located in Asia.  After nearly a decade regularly exporting to Europe and the United States,  Avisor India’s products are widely recognized among its customers. 

Avisor India’s corporate office is located in New Delhi and its manufacturing facility is located in Noida, 35 K.M. from New Delhi airport.  The manufacturing facility is well equipped with state of the art equipment for winding, core fitting, potting, vacuum impregnation and testing.

Avisor India’s engineering team is proficient in transformer design and can work closely with customers during product development.  Avisor India offers personalized service to its customers, understanding their concerns and problems and seeking optimum solutions that meet their needs. Satisfied and loyal customers are our best asset and a source of deep satisfaction.